Building Officials, design professionals, building owners and business owners all understand that the built community must provide accessibility. There are two key vehicles for enforcing compliance; the California Statutes and Building Code and the Americans with Disabilities Act and Standards.... Read More
It can be difficult to accept from today’s perspective, but not very many years ago it was legally permissible for a person to be denied service because of a disability. It may not have been an individual’s intent, a certain building may not have able to accommodate the person with a disability,... Read More
Submitted by Bill Zellmer
It doesn’t take long working in medical facilities to encounter the problem in defining differences between exam rooms, diagnostic rooms, and treatment rooms. It is important to know the differences because the 2013 CBC has different accessibility requirements that apply to the required clearances... Read More
Submitted by Bill Zellmer
As a healthcare architect specializing in access compliance, I receive this question a lot. In many cases the question comes with a sense of outrage that OSHPD has gone out of bounds. Let me answer this question first, and then provide some explanation and history.As a healthcare architect... Read More